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Happy 2019!

Happy 2019! published on No Comments on Happy 2019!

Happy New Year, dear readers. I hope you’ve had a great time over the holiday season and are feeling refreshed and rejuvinated in this new year. Thank you for being readers of the comic in 2018, and let’s hope that 2019 brings even more fun now that we’ve got Teagirl being Teagirl!

Now that ‘First Cup of Teagirl’ is finished, I’ll be taking a short break to tackle some long overdue work, get First Cup into a state fit for printing, and to get started on the next comic, of course!

‘Pink Plastic Panic’ will be the next issue to be uploaded – we start again on the 2nd of February!

As always, I enjoy hearing any feedback you have about ANY of the Teagirl chapters! Take care, and see you in February!

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